Google Chrome warning Easy to fall for scams discovered make sure YOU don’t get tricked


Google Chrome fans have been put on alert about what links they click on when surfing the net after a number of terrifying scams were discovered.

Google Chrome is without a doubt the most popular internet browser in the world right now.

NetMarketShare stats for the whole of last year show Google Chrome as having a staggering 58.90 per cent chunk of the internet browser marketplace.

Its nearest rival, Mozilla’s FireFox, has a 13.29 per cent share while Internet Explorer is on 13 per cent.

Microsoft’s newer Edge browser, which is bundled in with Windows 10, lags behind with a 3.78 per cent market share.

These stats underline how Chrome’s crown as the world’s most popular internet browser is undisputed.

And fans of Google Chrome have been put on alert after experts discovered two terrifying scams.

The first directly takes advantage of Google Chrome’s huge popularity.

The sophisticated malware scam tricked users into downloading a fake Google Chrome browser installer, HackRead reported.

A link to the alleged Chrome installer appeared on Google search results after cybercriminals took advantage of the power of Google AdWords.