Google’s new messaging app might finally be able to compete with iMessage


Google has been struggling a lot to keep up with a standard messaging app for its Android. Although, there are few of its messaging apps, which include Android Messages, Hangouts, Google Allo and Voice, none of these have become a standalone messaging (including SMS) app with all-inclusive features. This is where the company lacks with its rival Apple, which has a standalone iMessage app that can do all the things which the above-mentioned apps can do. All the messaging services in Google’s Android work the same, with slight feature changes.

Google might finally focus on the Android Messages app to compete with Apple. According to the report unearthed by XDA Developers, a new update has been rolled out to the messaging app, which confirms a new code has been hidden in the update log, that indicates Google is planning to release a web-based service for its Android Messages app, which allows users to send texts, photos/videos and share files or locations as well. Payments sharing feature might also be included in the upcoming update. This is similar to Apple’s ecosystem since it has the similar setup for its iMessage for Mac Users.

The code describes a QR code-based system, which would allow users to link their phones and PCs by scanning the code. It might support all the existing browsers like Chrome, FireFox and Safari etc.

However, the company declined to comment. Last year, Google has announced that it was working with the carriers and device manufactures to introduce a new messaging standard called – RCS (Rich Communication Service).

According to AndroidPolice, this RCS helps messaging services to implement features which include texting through a data connection, seeing the messaging status (if somebody is typing) and read receipts, and sending photos, GIF sharing, location-sharing and other prominent sharing features. This service has been already implemented by other well-known messaging services, whereas Android Messages has been stuck at SMS protocol.

We can hope this new update from Google can make Android Messages, a standalone app to compete against Apple’s iMessage.