How Teachers And Psychologists Modify Special Child’s Behavior


Implementation of educational psychology on special needs children

The educational psychologist or teachers implement their knowledge to modify the children’s behavior and interaction with the society.they use different techniques for special need children children and instructional strategies that are categorized as modifications and accommodations.

what is accommodation?

Accommodation is basically an adjustment with teaching practices so that child can understand the same material as deliver by teachers with very easy format that is more accessible to the accommodation can classify whether they change the presentation, response, settings, or lessoning. For instance school may accommodate a visual impaired child by providing large text books.This is called the presentation of accommodation.

lets discuss examples of accommodations:

Response accommodation

providing typing work rather than hand writing work.

Presentation accommodation:

It includes listening to audio book rather than reading books.

settings accommodation:

It includes take test in quitter place that is physically accessible on floor of building and near elevator.

scheduling accommodation:

students are given test breaks on extended time.use timer to help and management of time.


what is modification?

Modification means to change.To change in this way that to adapt the material in simpler and easiest way.Modification changes what is learnt rather how difficult the material is, level of mastery what the students try to achieve, and how students are assessed. These things are all come in the range of modification.The thing that children adapts.

lets discus some example of modification:

skipping subjects:

Students are taught less information than typical students, skipping material that school feels inappropriate for the student’s abilities.If students show poor intellectual and fine motor skills may taught to print or color block letter and avoid from handwriting.

simplified assignments:

In this type students are taught same material as read by others in simpler version.Such as shakes spear with original text and modern paragraph.

short assignment extra aids:

In this type students are taught special needs short assignments and entertain with extra aids.extra aids including more concentrated books that take short time.Vocabulary list are presented to those students whose memory is weak than others that is called work bank can be provided on test time It will help in creasing memory.Always settings are implemented in new location to prevent from distractions.