Id like a bigger butt I cant deny


Buttock augmentation surgery is so common in Brazil that it’s often dubbed a “Brazilian butt lift” elsewhere. In the land of the Rio Carnival and Copacabana, bums attract more attention than breasts, says Dr Torsten Kantelhardt, a specialist in plastic and cosmetic surgery in Germany.

Also known as gluteoplasty, buttock augmentation surgery is performed in many clinics and private medical practices in other countries as well. It isn’t without risks and not cheap either.

One way to get a fuller, more shapely behind is via fat transfer, explains Dr Markus Kloeppel, a plastic and cosmetic surgeon in Munich.

Excess fat, for example from the patient’s outer thighs, is extracted by liposuction, purified to remove everything but healthy fat cells and then injected into the buttocks in a fanning pattern.

The procedure is conducted under general anaesthesia and takes several hours.

“Possible side effects include swelling, haematomas, pressure-induced pain, oil cysts, infections and fat embolism,” says Kantelhardt, president of the German Association for Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery. Pain occurs mainly where fat has been extracted.

Depending on the extent of the operation, the cost of the fat transfer procedure in Germany is about 3,500 euros (about RM17,000) or more, according to Kloeppel.

Generally less expensive is the so-called thread lift procedure, in which specially designed barbed sutures are placed with a needle into the buttocks in a zigzag pattern, points out Dr Hans-Peter Schoppelrey, a dermatologist in Munich.

He says the threads are absorbable and stimulate the growth of fibrous tissue around them. The cost is between 2,000 and 2,500 euros (RM9,700 and RM12,000).

To minimise the risks of buttock augmentation surgery, patients should choose their surgeon carefully. He or she should be a fully trained specialist in plastic or cosmetic surgery.

Getting a perky butt doesn’t require going under the knife, however. Exercise is much cheaper and doesn’t have unwanted side effects. Valerie Boernstroem, founder of the German fitness club chain Mrs Sporty, recommends strength training.

She says it’s not a good idea to only train your buttocks, though, since the middle of the body should be treated as a unit.