Instagram testing new feature called Type


Uploading photos and videos on Insta Stories will soon be considered mainstream.

Bored of uploading just photographs and videos on your Instagram stories? Now you can go ol’ skool and use only text instead.

WABetaInfo reports that Instagram is testing a new “Type” feature for its Stories users, where they can upload text-based messages on top of the usual photos and videos.

It is already in use among users in Japan since last December, and is now appearing for select groups in Europe as well. There isn’t a specific date as to when Malaysian users will receive this feature but rumours are swirling online that it could happen pretty soon.

Like Boomerang and Live, Type appears as an option at the bottom of the screen when using Stories.

WABetaInfo shares that Type has four fonts: Modern, Strong, Typewriter and Neon, and that background colours are randomly selected by Instagram.

However, unconfirmed reports say that if users don’t like the auto selected option, they can take a photo on which the background colour effect will be applied. Seriously, how is this any different than what Instagram already offers?

On top of that possible update, WABetaInfo also shares that Instagram is testing screenshot notifications, where a message pops up afer one takes a screenshot of a story.

It reportedly will prompt a “The next time you take a screenshot of a story, the person who posted it will be notified” message on the screen. Snapchat already has such a feature, where it lets you know who took a screenshot of your Snapchat Story and Direct Messages.

Bad news for stalkers but good news for those who don’t want their Stories to be abused or misused by others.