Norris Trial Resumes After Week Of Emotional Testimony


After a week of emotional testimony and difficult details surrounding Anne Norris’ mental health the defence returns to the stand this morning with its next witness.

The jury has heard that Anne Norris was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and with psychosis.

They’ve heard a timeline beginning in 2012 when Norris first began to show symptoms of a mental health disorder, her hospital stays and course of treatment, and her ups and downs leading to May 2016, when she says she killed Marcel Reardon by striking him repeatedly over the head with a hammer.

So far the jury has seen a number of family members and health care professionals who have known Norris during her times of crisis and times of wellness. The defence is trying to prove that Anne Norris is not criminally responsible for the murder. The Crown is trying to prove it was deliberate and planned.

Justice William Goodridge says he’s expecting this will be the last week of testimony. Closing submissions are expected to begin next Monday morning.