Positive Marital Relations


Marriage is the bond of love, care and sharing with your partner.It has certain aspects that couple face in each stage.The successful marriage is based on understanding of mind,values,behaviors and concepts.If you deviate from your’s partner’s idea that is very interesting and passionate for him/her the result will depressed feeling.You must appreciate ideas,concepts and discussion of each other.Always give a chance to speak so that ones feel that he/she like to listens me.

The other thing is intimate bond.Marriage is the name of two bodies and one soul yes it is exactly what i am talking about.Let your partner express his/her love in their own style.The way he/she represent his/her feeling you should appreciate him/her.Most of the couple feel shyness in expressing their feelings as a result they deal with lots of personal issues/conflicts so it is important to express what are you thinking about each other.Husband should praise his wife.If his wife is doing some activity or working on some projects he should encourage her, as a result they can lead peaceful and healthy long term relation with each other.

sharing is very important in couple relationship.you should ask from spouse that what are you thinking? why are you so upset? and so on.These statements arise the feeling of love and care toward each other and they get closer in their relationship.