Relaxing Tips For Anxiety


Anxiety is the overwhelming feeling of apprehension that can be effect  any one anytime.We are living in the world of work load on our head that we cant focus on our mental health so we encounter with mental health issues including anxiety disorder, panic attacks, memory problem and physical muscular stretch. We don’t know that our body needs some relaxation we should take out time for us.Here i am writing some of relaxation techniques you can implement it in your free time. some of the techniques can also be implemented while working in office.You should take out piece of time for you in a whole day for meditation in  relaxing place.It will give you mental healing and peace of mind.

Relaxation techniques are as follows.

1-You should be hydrated.Take 5-6 glass of water every day.It will keep your stamina stable and you can do your work with full of concentration.Oxygen is the basic source of energy to the brain.So it is necessary to get hydrated during working hours.

2-In your free time, find some relaxing place with no noise and sit there for little and deep breathing. Exhale and inhale with intervals it will release your tensions and you will feel relax.

3-If you feel anxious abruptly then start taking sessions from psychologist in case of rapid heartbeat.They will counsel you and deliver therapeutic sessions.

4-Relaxation techniques includes close your eyes forcefully then open it gently,fill blow in your mouth and gently release it, tilt on your forehead and release it gently, close fist and open it gently, now release your body and feel relax. Now crunch your foot fingers and your hand’s fingers forcefully and gently release it.

These techniques will relax yourself and gives you peace of mind. If you are sitting in office you can practice deep breathing to make yourself relax.