Symptoms Of Hearing Impairment In Children


During infancy:

1-3 months old            No response to sudden sound such as banging of door or ringing of                                                       doorbell.

4-6 months old                  Unable to locate the sound source.

7-9 months old               Do not look at the person being mentioned, e.g. “Where is Uncle                                         Tom?”.

10-12 months old                   No response to their names being called or frequently used                                              words or phrases, e.g. “No”.

During childhood:

  • Delayed response to sound
  • Cannot hear clearly what others are saying
  • Show difficulty in locating the sound source
  • Pay more than usual attention to speakers’ facial expression and lip movement while listening
  • Give irrelevant answers or misinterpret instructions
  • Request for repetition during conversation
  • Show poorer ability to understand speech ` in a noisy environment
  • Tend to turn up the sound volume of television
  • incorrect pronunciation
  • Delayed language development
  • Poor attention in class
  • Frequent use of gestures to express themselves, e.g. pointing to what they want
  • Easily irritated as a result of communication difficulty.