U.S Men knock off Canada for first ever chance at curling gold



It was a lucky day for the U. S, but it was a bad day for Canada. After the United State females’ hockey team beaten Canada in an energetical shootout to triumph the gold honor, U.S. men’s twisting their team based on their associates from the north in the semifinal round.

Irrespective of how Saturday final plays out, this was considered the most positive men’s curling squad in U.S. Olympic past. In the last 20 years meanwhile, the curling was reinstated to the Olympics no American squad has scored higher rank than bronze, and it happened only one time in 2006.

But surely do not make any mistake this is energetic U.S. team on its mission, a team that is rallied from near abolition to contest its way over the rounds. By way of Sunday, they were about 2-4, apparently ruled for the speedy exit. After the five days and four conventional victories in advanced, they are getting prepared for the hardware.

Tyler George said I do not know that we have ever played an improved game than we have played currently.

The U.S beaten Canada, in the three-time shielding gold medalists, by enduring the equal of a carafe’s duel, Canada grasps onto the hammer the last stone for about sixth to seventh trimmings. But the United States flicked the table over at the 8th termination, by taking two points to trap a 4-2 lead respectively. Canada had no other optimal but to surrender at the ninth final, by winning a meagre one point.

The gold award match is established for Saturday about 3:35 p.m. according to the Korean Time. That is 1:35 am in the on the East Coast, so make your coffee prepared. You are not going to want to skip this interesting one.