Weight Loss Recipe


i am writing this article especially for those who are fighting from obesity and still gain no results.This recipe is a magic for them who are depressed by doing vigorous exercise, starvation and excess dieting but found no result in the end.By using this drink you will not only feel light weight but also it helps metabolism rate in our body.With excess diet our body face malnutrition so it takes us to dangerous side effects in form of diseases.Some people do vigorous exercise and found no result but face cardiac issues and muscles damages so here is the simple and effective recipe. you will feel the result in few days after taking it.The recipe of drink are below:

Cucumber :1 full

Lemon :1 full

Coriander: small bunch

Ginger: 1/2 tbs

Water: 1 and half glass


  1. Take a jug and pour 1 and half glass of water.
  2. Add Ginger in grated form.now add cutting coriander.
  3. Add full cucumber in slice.then squeeze full size lemon and blend it
  4. Now filter it and pour it in a glass and take drink before going to bed.

you will drink it every night before going to bed.avoid from fatty, oily and deep fried food for better and quick result do some regular exercise.


cucumber is full of fiber.it has properties of rich water.you will not dehydrate.

Ginger works in digestive system so that you will be relax from constipation.

lemon protects body from immune system deficiency and works effectively in weight loss.

coriander improves blood sugar, blood pressure, urinary functioning,fight with cholesterol, improves digestive system and support healthy menstrual cycle.

water keeps you hydrated.

Start drinking from today and reach your fitness Goal as soon as you drink.

Thank You