Women and Domestic Abuse


Domestic abuse is quite common with women, and it’s happening since ages. Most of the time your spouse abuses you in anger, but the next moment he apologizes for what happens and says that it won’t happen again. What happens then, you get trapped and go to your daily life once again. So, women in such situations often don’t even know they are abused, thinking that they were perhaps imagining the things. So, first thing to deal with domestic violence is to recognize it, only then you can find the solution.
Experts also call this intimate partner violence, because it happens between couples having intimate relationship. There are different forms of domestic.

violence as described below

  • Emotional violence
  • Sexual violence
  • Physical abuse
  • Abuse threats

Though, men also get abused but the percentage is very low. Mostly, only women get abused by their partners. Initially, a woman does not understand it, because it starts slowly, but increases with time.

Signs of domestic violence with women

  1. When your spouse insults you or abuses you, using a bad language.
  2. He does not allow you to go for a job or school.
  3. He prevents you to meet your family or friends.
  4. He tries to dominate you, monitors your life, and interferes with everything you do from shopping to your clothes, etc. He even watches your medicines in case you are sick. Women often like it in the beginning, because they think that their spouse is very caring, instead he is only cautious or psycho.