World’s largest brain tumour removed by Indian doctor:


An about 1.8kg brain tumour removed by the Indian Doctors from a man who is 31 years old. This tumour is considered as the biggest brain tumour that is successfully operated by the Indian doctors. This brain surgery, which continued for about seven hours, on 14th of February. It happened at the Nair hospital in the Mumbai city. Santal Pal is now out of danger that is said by Dr Trimurti who is the chief of neurosurgery.

Santlal Pal is the local shopkeeper in Uttar Pradesh. He had compelled to live with his brain tumour for about last three years. according to the doctor, he had lost his eyesight, but the doctors are hopeful he might regain it soon by surgery. His wife said that visited three different hospitals who told them that this tumour was impossible to remove. After the long surgery and by taking the 11 blood units Pal was linked to the ventilator for some days.